Fotodiox Pro 145mm Neutral Grau ND16 Filter

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Fotodiox Pro 145mm Neutral Density 16(4-Stop) Filter - Pro1 Multi-Coated ND16 Filter (works withWonderPana 145 & 66 Systems) mit Frontgewinde

Thisfilter is made by Fotodiox Pro specifically for the WonderPana 145& WonderPana 66 Systems.


  • PremiumGrade Optical Glass Filter
  • HighQuality, Double Threaded, Multi-Coated ND4 Filter
  • PremiumGrade Anodized Aluminum 145mm x 1mm Standard Thread FilterRing

  • DescriptionMulti Coated - Neutral Density 16 (4-Stop) Filter
    Includes145mmMC-ND4 Filter with Carrying Pouch
    ThreadSize145mmx 1mm Standard Thread
    ConstrustionPremiumGrade Anodized Aluminum & Optic Grade, Organic Glass
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