Fotodiox Pro 145mm Circular-Pol-Filter Slim

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  • Der Fotodiox Pro CPL-Filter (Zirkular-Polfilter - CPL) hat einbeidseitiges Gewinde (mit Frontgewinde) und aus hochwertigemoptischem Glas gefertigt. Dieser Filter ist speziell für dieWonderPana 145 & 66 WonderPana Systems entwickelt worden.

    Der Filter kann nicht direkt auf das Objektiv geschraubtwerden. Sie brauchen einen passenden WonderPana Filteradapter.

  • Thisfilter from Fotodiox Pro is a double threaded circular polarizer(CPL) filter made of optical glass and featuring a rotating ring toallow for light ray selection. Remove unwanted reflections fromnon-metallic surfaces such as water or glass. CPL Filters are usedto select which light rays enter your camera lens. CPL filters canalso be used to saturate colors and to provide better contrast. Theeffect can be seen through the cameras viewfinder and changed byrotating the filter ring. The filter factor varies according to howthe filter is rotated and its orientation to the sun or lightsource(approx. +1.3 stops). Typical applications include darkeningskies, water reflection elimination and window/glass/eyeglassreflection elimination. CPL filters are specifically designed foruse with auto-focus SLR cameras (They will also work on manualsystems and video cameras without problems). This filter is madespecifically for the WonderPana 145 & WonderPana 66 Systems.The filter will not fit directly on the lens, a WonderPana filteradapter is required for use.

  • Premium Grade Optical GlassFilter
  • HoheQualität, Doppelzimmer mit Gewinde, Multi-Coated CPLFilter
  • Premium Grade eloxiertes Aluminium145mm x 1mm Normgewindeanwendung Filter Ring

Thisfilter is made by Fotodiox Pro specifically for the WonderPana 145& WonderPana 66 Systems.


  • PremiumGrade Optical Glass Filter
  • HighQuality, Double Threaded, Multi-Coated CPL Filter
  • PremiumGrade Anodized Aluminum 145mm x 1mm Standard Thread FilterRing

  • DescriptionMulti Coated - Circular Polarizing Filter
    Includes145mmMC-CPL Filter with Carrying Pouch
    ThreadSize145mmx 1mm Standard Thread
    ConstrustionPremiumGrade Anodized Aluminum & Optic Grade, Organic Glass
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