Fotodiox Metal Step Up Ring Metal 82mm-145mm

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Fotodioxstep-up rings are made with precision out of premium gradealuminum. Every ring is inspected to ensure smooth mounting and ispolished and finished with anodized matte surface for professionalappearance. Step up rings allow larger sized filters to fit onlenses with smaller sized filter threads. This step ring will allowthe WonderPana145 filters with a 145mm thread to fit on lenses witha 77mm threaded front. Smaller step up rings can be used to adaptto smaller sized lenses (ie; if your lens has a 58mm filter thread,the 58-77mm and 77-145mm step up rings would be used together) andcan be purchased separately.

StyleFotodiox Step-Up Ring 82mm-145mm for WonderPana145Filters
MaleThread Size82mm
FemaleThread Size145mm
ConstructionIndustrialGrade Aluminum
FinishAnodizedFlat Matte Black Finishing
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