Fotodiox Pro Tobacco 6.6x8.5" Dichte 0,6 Soft Edge Filter

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Fotodiox Pro 6.6x8.5 " Filter sind 4mm dick. Fotodiox6.6x8.5." Die Filter sind praktisch unzerbrechlich. DieserFotodiox Pro Filter ist speziell für die WonderPana 66Systemen entwickelt worden.


Fotodiox Pro 6.6"x8.5" filters are the strongest in the industry at 4mm thick. Fotodiox 6.6x8.5" filters are practically unbreakable and are guaranteed spectrally neutral to within + or – 3 in the a and b channels of the lab color space. On dull, overcast days, use a graduated tobacco filter to add a moody brown color; on bright, sunny days, the tobacco filter will make the scene look sunnier and more dramatic. When used up-side down, it can intensify the sands of the beach. This filter is made by Fotodiox Pro specifically for the WonderPana 66 & FreeArc Systems.

  • Premium grade optical polycarbonate (CR39) filter
  • High quality, super thick, gradient filter
  • Adds warmth and definition to both sky and landscape
  • Enhances the natural colors created by sunsets

Description Graduated Density Tobacco .6 Soft Edge Filter (2-Stop Grad)
Includes 6.6x8.5" Filter with Carrying Pouch
Dimensions 168mm x 216mm x 4mm (6.6" x 8.5" x 0.16")
Construction Premium Grade Optical Polycarbonate (CR39)
Manufacturer Fotodiox Inc.
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