Fotodiox WonderPana 145 Filterhalter & Lens Cap für Canon 14mm EF f/2.8L II USM Objektiv

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WonderPana 145 SystemCore & Lens Cap - 145mm Filterhalter fürdas

Canon 14mm Super-Weitwinkel EF f/2.8L II USMObjektiv (35mm Full Frame)

WonderPana145 Halter(Gegenlichtblende-Filter-System) aus eloxiertes Aluminium mit145mm x 1mm Normgewinde-Anschluß

hochwertiger-feingearbeiteterObjektivdeckel Hersteller Fotodiox Inc.

Revolutionär ist dieWonderPana Gegenlichtblende-Filter-System, für Fotografen dieihre Super-Weitwinkel (SWA) und Ultra-Weitwinkel (UWA) Objektiveverwenden. Das System hilft, den Lichtabfall bei demSuper-Weitwinkel (SWA) und Ultra-Weitwinkel (UWA) Objektivenauszugleichen. Der WonderPana Metall-Halter schützt dieFrontlinse. Am Halter können Filter und Snap-on Objektivdeckelbefestigt werden um die ungeschützten Linsen zu schützen.Das WonderPana System bietet eine perfekte Passform fürPanorama- Natur- Architektur- Mode-und Event-Fotografen, sowieanaloge und digitale Filmemacher.


1x 145mm Filterhalter fürdas Canon 14mm Super-Weitwinkel EF f/2.8L II USMObjektiv (35mm Full Frame)



1x Tasche

  • Premium Grade Anodized AluminumWonderPana145 Core Unit
  • 145mm x 1mm Standard ThreadEnabled
  • Finely Crafted, Heavy Duty InnerPinch Lens Cap
  • Variety of 145mm Round FiltersAvailable

The WonderPana is a revolutionary lenshood filter system, which allows photographers to use filters ontheir Super-Wide Angle (SWA) and Ultra-Wide Angle (UWA) lenses. Thesystem helps create the right lighting balance when capturingimages using your UWA and SWA by giving you the ability to usefilters on certain lenses where it was not possible to do sobefore. The WonderPana core unit doubles as a metal hood whichgives added protection to the front lens element and the plasticbuilt-in hood that is on many SWA/UWA lenses. The core unit is whatprovides the photographer a place to attach filters and a dedicatedheavy duty snap-on lens cap to protect your unprotected lenses. TheWonderPana System is a perfect fit for panorama, nature,architectural, fashion and event photographers, as well as, analogand digital filmmakers.

The WonderPana 145 System will work with all Fotodiox Pro 145mmround filters; including Multi-coated UV filters, CircularPolarizers and Neutral Density 4, 8, 16, 32 and ND1000 10-stopfilters. So whether you just want to protect your expensive SWA/UWAlens (UV Filter), darken the scene for longer exposures (NDFilters) or remove reflections and enhance colors (CPL Filter) theWonderPana 145 will allow you to grab more creative control thanever before!

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