WonderPana 186 XL Replacement Lens Cap

WonderPana 186 XL Replacement Lens Cap

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This replacement lens cap will fit the WonderPana XL 186mm system, it is made from durable, premium grade, high impact plastic and will protect the front lens elenment when not in use.


·  Finely Crafted Inner Pinch Lens Cap

·  Premium Grade, High Impact Plastic

·  Fits 186mm Threaded WonderPana XL Core

·  Works with a variety of 186mm filters (UV, CPL, MC-CPL, Slim ND4/8/16/32/1000)



WonderPana 186 Lens Cap Only


186mm Inner Pinch Lens Cap

Thread Size

186mm x 1mm Standard Thread


Premium Grade High Impact Plastic


Fotodiox Inc.

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