Fotodiox Pro WonderPana Go Neutral Density +16 (4-Stop ND) Filter

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This filter from Fotodiox is specially made for the GoToughWonderPana Go Filter Adapter System from Fotodiox Pro. This NDFilter is a true neutral density filter designed to darken theimage by naturally reducing the amount of light entering the lens.It features an even, neutral gray color for creative video andphoto applications. Neutral Density filters have their uniqueapplications and offer the possibility of achieving otherwiseimpossible results, allowing you to slow down the shutter speed oruse a larger aperture in bright light conditions for creative depthof field. Fotodiox ND filters are a true neutral grey and do notcolor cast the images, the filters are coated to prevent colorshift, reflections and haze.


  • Enables slow shutter speeds to be used, allowing film to recordmovement in subjects such as waterfalls, clouds, or cars
  • Decrease depth of field by allowing wider apertures to be used,in turn helping to separate subjects from their background
  • Decrease the effective ISO of high-speed film and allow it tobe used outdoors in bright situations
  • Allows video cameras to film subjects such as snow, sand orother bright scenes that can cause overexposure
  • Premium grade anodized aluminum & optic grade, organicglass. Included plastic storage box with cushion liner


Filter f/ GoTough Filter Adapter System

Filter TypeNeutral Density +16 (4-Stop ND) Filter
MaterialPremium Grade Anodized Aluminum
Optic Grade, Organic Glass
Filter Size53mm
ManufactureFotodiox Inc.
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