Fotodiox Pro WonderPana Go Macro +10 Close-Up Filter

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This filter from Fotodiox is specially made for the GoToughWonderPana Go Filter Adapter System from Fotodiox Pro. A macrofilter is a close-up diopter lens which allows you to decrease theminimum focus distance on any lens, in turn increasing theeffective maximum reproduction ratio of your lens. Great forrecording small objects where you need to focus closer than thecamera normally allows for. A +2 close-up lens will allow you tofocus your lens somewhat closer than it already does; a +4 close-uplens will allow you to focus closer than the +2; and a +10 lenswill allow you to focus even closer than a +4.


  • This filter decreases the minimum focus distance of any lens,providing macro-like results
  • Aluminum filter ring helps to prevent jamming and providesadditional strength
  • Premium grade anodized aluminum & optic grade, organicglass
  • Included plastic storage box with cushion liner


Filter f/ GoTough Filter Adapter System

Filter TypeMacro +10 Close-Up
MaterialPremium Grade Anodized Aluminum
Optic Grade, Organic Glass
Filter Size53mm
ManufactureFotodiox Inc.
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