Fotodiox Pro Vizelex Macro Focusing für Nikon G Objektiv an Nikon Kamera

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Vizelex Macro Focusing Helicoid for Nikon G and DX Lenses to Nikon DSLR Camera Body - Variable Magnification Helicoil with Built-in, De-Clicked Aperture Dial for Nikon G and DX type Lens

  • Professional Premium Grade Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter with Built-in Aperture Controller (De-Clicked)
  • "No Play" Adapter with a Smooth Surface for an Effortless Mount
  • Super Smooth and Precise Focusing Barrel Helicoid
  • Top Notch Craftsmanship
  • This Fotodiox lens mount adapter is made with high standard precision. The leaf spring design in the adaptor holds the lens tight to the camera body ensuring there is no play between the camera and the lens. The all metal design and polished surface is designed to guarantee smooth mounting and long lasting experiences. This Helicoid allows a Nikon G (and DX) lens to be used as macro lens with variable magnification ability on a Nikon DSLR camera body.

    Although the lens will fit physically, automatic diaphragm, auto-focusing, or any other functions will not operate correctly while using this adapter. In this case "stop-down mode" will need to be used when metering since the lens does not have the ability to have its aperture controlled by the camera body. You can shoot with manual mode or aperture priority mode.
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