Fotodiox Pro Shift Board 4x5" Hasselblad V

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Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter, 4x5 Field Camera to Hasselblad V Mount Offset Digital Back Adapter Fits Sinar, Cambo and More

  • Premium Grade Fotodiox "Pro" Adapter, Rotation stiching upto 36x100mm image size
  • Infinity Focus with 120mm or longer focal length lenes
  • Top Notch Craftsmanship
  • Focusing screen included, slides to side when ready to capture the image
  • 24 Month Manufacture Warranty
  • The 4x5 field view camera comprises a flexible bellows which forms a light-tight seal between two adjustable standards, one of which holds a lens, and the other a viewfinder or a photographic film holder. They have great features such as tilt and shift, and great macro capability. The Fotodiox Pro 4x5 adapter replaces the film board via standard graflok lock. It turns the field camera into a true digital camera. The offset adapter allows you to 'scan' the 4x5 back top and bottom so the multiple images can be stitched together into a giant mega-file with amazing detail and clarity.

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