Fotodiox Adapter Macro Kit für Canon EOS M Kamera

Fotodiox Adapter Macro Kit für Canon EOS M Kamera

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A macro extension tube is a wonderful substitution to expensivemacro lenses. It maintains the original optical quality whiletransforming the lens into a macro lens. It is far more desiredthen the add-on close-up lenses, which will alter the opticalquality. The extension tube will work with all Canon EOS M-Mountcameras and lenses. The camera mount coupling adapter and lensmount coupling adapter can be used independently of the threeextension tubes or you can add in the tubes for extreme macrophotography. Because no other optical components are added withthis kit, the image preserves the original optical properties ofthe lens. This is an affordable and simple way to turn yourexisting lens into a macro lens. This tube set includes alens-coupling ring and a body-coupling ring; three extension tubesof various sizes (7mm, 14mm, 28mm) are also included to build up tothe desired magnification.


  • Kit includes: Camera Mount Coupling Adapter, Lens MountCoupling Adapter, Extension Tube 7mm, Tube 14mm, Tube 28mm
  • All Metal Construction - High Grade Anodized Aluminum
  • Smooth surface for effortless mount
  • Any combination for various Macro Effect.

StyleFotodiox Pro Canon EOS-M Macro Extension TubeSet
MaterialIndustrial Grade Anodized Aluminum
ManufactureFotodiox Inc.
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