Fotodiox Adapter Nikon (F) G - Pentax Q Kamera

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  • Premium Grade Fotodiox Adapter
  • Glatte Oberfläche für mühelose Montage
  • Unendlich-Einstellung erlaubt
  • Built-in Aperture-Controller

Diese Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter ist mit hohem StandardPräzision gefertigt worden. Die Blattfeder im Adapterhält die Linse fest am Kameragehäuse. Es gibt kein Spielzwischen der Kamera und dem Objektiv. Der Adapter ist aus Metallmit einer polierten Oberfläche. Dieser Adapterermöglicht, alle Nikon F-Objektive auf einer DSLR Pentax QKamera zu nutzen.

Premium Grade Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter with Built-in ApertureDial for G-type and DX-type Nikon Lenses to Obtain Total Control ofAperture Value. Manual Mode is required while adapter attached.

UnendlichFokussierung ist gewährleistet.

Ifyou have a SLR or DSLR camera and other maker/mount lenses, theFotodiox Mount Adapters allow you to use your lenses on thefilm/digital camera body. Sharing lenses has some distinctadvantages. Certain prime lens just can't be replaced, and yousave the cost of purchase on new lenses. Fotodiox offers a range ofadapter from large format to smaller format digital adapters.Adapting larger format lens to smaller format sensors (i.e: largeformat to medium format, medium format to 35mm, 35mm to micro 4/3)provides excellent edge-to-edge sharpness. The smaller image fieldhelps minimize the effects of lens distortion and aberration byusing the 'sweet spot' or center of the larger lens imagecircle.


  • PremiumGrade Fotodiox Adapter

ThisFotodiox lens mount adapter is made with high standard precision.The leaf spring design in the adaptor holds the lens tight to thecamera body ensuring there is no play between the camera and thelens. It's all metal design and polished surface is designed toguarantee smooth mounting and long lastingexperiences. This adapter allows all Nikon F lenses tofit on a Pentax Q DSLR camera body.

Althoughthe lens will fit physically, automatic diaphragm, auto-focusing,or any other functions will not operate correctly while using thisadapter. In this case "stop-down mode" will need to beused when metering since the lens does not have the ability to haveits aperture controlled by the camera body. You canshoot with manual mode or aperture prioritymode. Infinityfocusing is guaranteed.

PentaxQ, Q7, Q10

Adapter TypeNikon (F) G Lenses to Pentax Q DSLR Camera Body
Materialof ConstructionBrasswith Stainless Steel Finishing
TTLflash meteringYes
  • Smoothsurface for effortless mount
  • InfinityFocus Allowed
  • Built-inAperture Controller

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