Fotodiox WonderPana FreeArc Core - Rotating Filter System Holder for Tamron 15-30mm

Fotodiox WonderPana FreeArc Core - Rotating Filter System Holder for Tamron 15-30mm

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  • Premium Grade, Anodized Aluminum,Free Arc Rotating Core Unit
  • Fits Industry Standard 6.6" WideFilters, up to 4mm Thick (such as Schneider Optics)
  • 145mm x 1mm Standard ThreadEnabled
  • Included Finely Crafted, Heavy DutyInner Pinch Lens Cap


The WonderPana FreeArc provides the freedom to use and rotate 66and 145 filters on your Wide and Ultra-Wide Angle Lenses. Becauseof the construction of these lenses, it's normally impossibleto install filters as there are no filter threads, in additionstandard filter sizes are not large enough to adequately cover thelens's wide angle view. The WonderPana FreeArc changes all thatby providing a complete kit for mounting our collection of bothround and square filters. The all-metal Core attaches directly ontothe lens with a secure mounting system. With The Core in place, youcan now mount any of Fotodiox's new 'slimline' 145mmround filters. The WonderPana FreeArc system is a perfect fit forpanorama, nature, architectural, fashion and event photographers,as well as, analog and digital filmmakers.



  • Dedicated WonderPana FreeArc Rotating Core Unit (choose lensabove)

StyleWonderPana FreeArc Core (Only)
MaterialPremium Grade Anodized Aluminum
Round Thread Size145mm x 1mm Standard Thread
ManufacturerFotodiox Inc.

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