Fotodiox Studio Light Bi-color Version 1024 ASVL

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Main Features

Color Temperature: 3200-5600K variable
Beam Angle: 60°
Flicker-free 10-100% dimming variable
LCD touch screen display and control
V-mount battery plate or AB plate
AC power adapter for using under AC100-240V
Diffusion Filter & Tungsten color filter
Yoke & 4-way Aluminum Barndoors


Led Studio Light Bi-color Version 1024 with V-mount plate and LCD display used high-performance engineering plastics. It is light-weighted but strong, which becomes the main feature of the light.

It compose of 1024 of ultra bright LEDs with high CRI above 93 and standard color temperature from 3200-5600K variable. It means you can get any color temperature between 3200K to 5600K while no need additional color filters.

The Brightness and Color Temperature can be displayed and controlled by the big LCD screen at the rear of the light.

The light comes with the AC power adapter, the V-mount battery plate and the yoke.With the V-mount batter plate, it makes possibility for location work and other possible application. Anyway, it is also chooesd for Broadcasting, film and TV station.

Product Specifications 

LED Light Source 1024 LEDs
Color temperature 3200-5600K (±300K) 
Brightness/Light Intensity 2518Lux/m at 3200K, 2656Lux/m at 5600K
Power(Wattage) 61.5W
Beam angle 60°
CRI >93
Lamp Lifetime 50,000 hrs
Working voltage AC100-240V, DC12V
External Power 14.8V Sony V-mount battery plate or AB plate
Dimension 40.3(W) x 45 (H) x 9.5(D) cm
Weight 2.7kg


What is included

1x Light head

1× Snoy kind V-mount battery plate

1x AC Power Adapter and Power Cable

1x Yoke

1x Aluminum 4-way barndoors

1x Diffuser filter

1x one-light hard Case

Other accessory for choice

Soft box / two-lights Case

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