Fotodiox Pro FACTOR Radius Pico Wide Angle Light - 3x5 in Curved Bicolor Dimmable Camera Light

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Fotodiox Pro FACTOR Radius Pico Wide Angle Light - 3x5 in Curved Bicolor Dimmable Camera Light

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The Next Generation in LED Lighting

FACTOR Radius Lights are an industry first with a curved panel design creating a wide beam angle, designed for faster setups with fewer lights. The breakthrough curved shape creates an ultra-wide beam angle which spreads the light wider than ever before. FACTOR Radius lights are ideal for greenscreen work, rapid-fire setups, immersive VR capture, multi-cam setups, wide-angle shots and more.

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Powerful softlight without the need for diffusion

FACTORSOFT™ technology creates beautiful, strong, single-source light without the shortcomings of conventional LED panels. Factor lights are ready to go for right out of the box, no extra diffusion or accessories needed and create a strong, diffuse light with no hotspots with a single, soft, clean shadow and a CRI ≥96 making them great for photo or video shoots. FACTOR lights are also flicker-free making them a great option for any shooting scenario, including slow motion video.

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Compact, powerful and versatile, great for location work of all kinds

The FACTOR Radius Pico is a powerful and lightweight lighting solution for those times when you’re on the go. It draws a maximum of 5 watts and runs on the power of its own internal battery that recharges via a standard Mini-USB. The included magnetic diffusion panel will create the same FACTORSOFT™ light you have come to expect or use the FACTOR Radius Pico without diffusion panel to create a starker effect. The included hot shoe adapter is removable and includes a standard ¼”-20 thread mount. Use the thread mount to attach to any ¼”-20 threaded support to use off-camera or remove the hot shoe adapter to set on a flat surface; these options will allow you to add sidelight or backlight to any subject.

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Kit Includes:


Illumination Surface Area ~ 3 x 5 in
Color Balance Tungsten ~ 3200k (±200)
Daylight ~ 5600k (±300)
CRI / TLCI ≥96 / ≥95
Brightness1 3200k - 150 Lux/m
5600k - 170 Lux/m
EV100 @ 1m2 3200k - 5.3 Δ EV
5600k - 5.5 Δ EV
Beam Angle 140°
Power Draw 5W Input
Working Voltage DC 5V
Power Source Internal Rechargeable Battery
Battery Run Time3 100% Power ~ 1.5 hrs
Product Dimensions 4.3 in (10.5 cm) x 1.8 in (4.5 cm) x 4.7 in (12 cm) @ .3 lb (5 oz)
Shipping Dimensions 5.9 in (15 cm) x 3.1 in (8 cm) x 5.9 in (15 cm) @ .6 lb (10 oz)
Manufacturer Fotodiox Inc.
Warranty Limited 24-Months

1Measured using The Illuminati Meter @ 1m distance
2Incident Exposure Reading ~ ISO100 1/60 f/1 (Sekonic L-358 @ 1m)
3Battery run time is approximate and based on 2500mAH internal battery. There are many variables that may affect run time including ambient temperature, age of battery, etc.

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