Fotodiox Gegendlichtblende (Bayonet) für Sony RX1 Kamera

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Fotodiox Pro Sonnenblende für die Sony Cyber-ShotRX1, die spezielle Metallgegenlichtblende für die Sony DSC-RX1Digitalkamera; Professionellen und stilvollen Leica Inspired Design(ersetzt Sony LHP1)

This lightweight lens hood forthe Sony RX1 helps protect the cameras lens from impact shock anddust as well as prevent unwanted stray light from entering the lensby extending and shading the end of the lens. Specially designedand made of metal, this hood is ideal for all Sony RX1photographers. Inspired by the Leica design, the rectangle shapewill cut overhead glare and significantly lowers the chance ofvignetting at wide angles. With its matt black, stepped interior,the lens hood is designed to reduce glare for a cleaner, clearerpicture and the professional, sleek design adds a classy edge tothis useful tool.

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  • All Metal Dedicated BayonetMount Lens Hood with Matte Black Interior
  • Beautifully Shaped, Professionallook, Leica Inspired for Maximum Shade and Protection
  • Precision Design with fit astight as Original
  • Wide Opening Fits Shape ofCamera Reducing Chance of Vignetting with Wide LensAngles

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Sony Cyber-shot RX1 DSC-RX1 Digital Camera

TitleLens Hood For Sony Cyber-shotRX1 DSC-RX1 Digital Camera (replaces Sony LHP1)
Mount TypeDedicated BayonetMount
ManufactureFotodiox Inc.

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