JOBO Enlarger LPL

JOBO Enlarger LPL

JOBO Enlarger LPL

LPL 4x5inch Enlarger

Professionalenlarger for negative formats up to size 4x5".
The tried and tested top-quality unit for professionalapplications. For all formats from 10x14" (24x36cm) up to4x5". Userfriendly, compact, robust. The JOBO 4x5"professional enlarger is available as a B/W, VCCE variable contrastor color enlarger. The baseboard allows for formats up to20x24" (50x60cm). For larger formats, the JOBO wall mountingset is available as an accessory. With cooling fan, white-lightlever and stabilised transformer.
Precision focus control 1:5, counter-balanced spring supportedheight adjustment. 80x60cm baseboard made with 2,5cm thick,grey-coated wood with steel reinforcement and rubber legs,additional cover paneling for the integrated fan, improved noiseinsulation. 135cm long column consisting of solid square metalsections, 11cm wide and 9cm deep, increased distance betweenoptical axis and column.

Color-Enlarger LPL MX7700 /Multigrade-Enlarger VCCE 7700

for negative formats up to size2x3" (6x7cm).
Professional enlarger allowing parallax correction with a tiltinglens base. Metal housing, with dichroic filters. Column andenlarger head can be rotated for floor and wall projection.Illuminated filter scale for exact read-out of the filter settings.With white-light lever, red filter holder and built-in IR and UVfilter.
Technical Data:
WxDxH: 18"x24"x48" (45x60x122cm)
Comes with:
Universal glass carrier w. adjustable masking strips; Lamp; Lensholder M39
Note: Enlarger does not include a transformer (Item No. 6605 or6606) or lenses!

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JOBO B/W Condensator-Enlarger 6600

Product no.: N6611

490.00 / *
In stock

JOBO Masking Strips 4x5"

Product no.: N7462

229.00 / Byte *
In stock

JOBO Negative carrier 6 x 6" glassless

Product no.: N7466

149.00 / *
In stock

JOBO Negative carrier 4 x 5" glassless

Product no.: N7469

149.00 / *
In stock

JOBO Spare glas 4 x 5 ", normal

Product no.: N7482

29.50 / *
In stock

JOBO Fine Focus (for 7700)

Product no.: N7703

124.95 / *
In stock

JOBO Glass (normal glass) zu N7736

Product no.: N7711

29.90 / *
In stock

JOBO Universal negative carrier

Product no.: N7736

149.00 / *
In stock

JOBO Rot-Einschwenkfilter für alle LPL Vergrößerer

Product no.: J16039

39.90 / *
In stock
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