Fotodiox Pro 145mm Slim Multi-Coated CPL Filter

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Fotodiox Pro 145mm Slim Multi-Coated CircularPolarizer (MC-CPL) Filter - Pro1 Multi-Coated CPL Filter (workswith WonderPana 145 & 66 Systems)

Fotodiox Pro 145mm Ultra Slim MC-CPL Filter is a singlethreaded, multi-coated circular polarizer (MC-CPL) filter made ofoptical glass and featuring a rotating ring to allow for light rayselection. Remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfacessuch as water or glass. CPL Filters are used to select which lightrays enter your camera lens. CPL filters can also be used tosaturate colors and to provide better contrast. The effect can beseen through the cameras viewfinder and changed by rotating thefilter ring. The filter factor varies according to how the filteris rotated and its orientation to the sun or light source (approx.0.3-3 stops). Typical applications include darkening skies andadding contrast to clouds, eliminating water reflection andwindow/glass/eyeglass reflection. CPL filters are specificallydesigned for use with auto-focus SLR cameras (They will also workon manual focus systems and video cameras without problems).


  • Premium grade optical glass filter; high quality, singlethreaded, ultra slim multi-coated CPL filter.
  • Premium grade anodized aluminum ring; 145mm x 1mm standardfilter thread; filter ring is 6mm thick, half the size of astandard filter ring.
  • Darken the skies and add contrast to clouds for betterseperation and saturation.
  • Minimize or eliminate reflections from water, windows, wetleaves, glass and eyeglasses.

Description Slim Multi-Coated Circular Polarizing Filter
Includes145mm MC-CPL Filter with Carrying Pouch
Thread Size145mm x 1mm Standard Thread
ConstrustionPremium Grade Anodized Aluminum & Optic Grade, OrganicGlass
ManufacturerFotodiox Inc.

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