Fotodiox Pro Shift Board 4x5" Hasselblad

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Ever think about using a fantastic Large Format 4x5 camera witha Hasselblad film or digital back? Here is your solution! With thisadapter you can mount your Hasselblad H-mount film and digitalbacks onto most popular large format 4x5 view cameras (works on all4x5 cameras with the standard with graflok back, such as: Cambo,Linhof, Calumet, Horseman, Omega, Toyo, Kodak). This adapter boardmounts the Hasselblad H backs in a vertical position and slidesfrom side to side allowing more of the scene to be scanned andcaptured. The sliding board allows focusing and shooting to be donewithout mounting a separate focusing screen then swapping it outfor a digital/film back and vice verse; just slide the full framefocusing screen into place to make the needed tilt/swing/shiftadjustments on the camera, then slide the back over to theappropriate marks to fire the shots.

The entire 5.4x11cm (or 5.4x8cm using the red dots) digitalimage can be compiled using your computer. The sliding adapterallows you to 'scan' the 4x5 back so the multiple imagescan be stitched together using image editing software into a giantmega-file with amazing detail and clarity! The sliding board hasincremental markings to help with positioning and a tension screwlock to keep the sliding board in place during shooting. ThisFotodiox Pro-Series mount adapter is machined with pristineprecision for the best possible fit. As with all Pro-seriesadapters, these have been specially crafted to endure professionallenses and repeated use. With unique styling, the lens mountadapter maintains/enhances the professional appearance.


Compatible Cameras:
Cambo, Linhof, Calumet, Horseman, Omega, Toyo, Kodak with graflokback


  • Mount a modern camera sensor onto 4x5 view cameras and utilizecorrection movements (tilts/shifts/swings)
  • Preview the full image before taking the first shot with thebuilt in composition screen
  • Composition screen has dovetail tracks for various focusingaccessories
  • Multiple exposures are in a linear array, perfect forflat-stitching to reduce distortion errors inherent in sphericalstitching
Style Hasselblad H-Mount Back to Large Format 4x5 Adaptor, Slidingwith Focusing Screen
Frame Format 5.4 x 11cm - White Markers
5.4 x 8cm - Red Markers
Material Bronze w/ Stainless Steel Finishing
Composition Screen Built-In
Glass Elements No
Manufacturer Fotodiox Inc.

Please Note: Theappropriate cable to connect the digital back to the lens isrequired for use, the cable is not included.

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