Fotodiox Adapter Pro Excell+1 NIK(G) Lens to Sony Nex

Fotodiox Adapter Pro Excell+1 NIK(G) Lens to Sony Nex

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The advanced Excell+1 Lens Mount Adapter supercharges any NikonLens* (including G types without an aperture dial) that you attachto a Sony E-Mount camera body. The Excell +1 has additional lightfocusing optics built into the adapter itself which increases themaximum aperture of your lens by 1 stop, while at the same timemakeing your lens wider by a 0.72x factor - significantly reducingthe natural crop factor of your camera!

With the Excell + 1 Lens Mount Adapter on your Sony E-Mountcamera, you can attach any of your favorite full frame Nikon lensesand get both a wider angle of view (ie, 50mm lens turns into a 70mmlens equivalent instead of 98mm) than a non-optic adapter. Thelight focusing ability of the adapter also gives an extra stop oflight; for example, with your lens set to f/11 you are essentiallyshooting at f/8*.

The red dial on the adapter is an aperture adjustment dial whichallows the iris to be adjusted on even the Nikon G lenses; on olderNikon lenses with a aperture dial on the lens, the red dial on theadapter can act as a depth of field preview lever allowing you toswitch back and forth between wide open and stopped down to acertain f-stop.

As with all Fotodiox Pro series adapters, these adapters havebeen specially crafted to endure professional use. The leaf springdesign in the adapter holds the lens tight to the camera bodyensuring there is no play between the camera and the lens. The allmetal design and polished surface are designed to guarantee asmooth mount and long lasting experience. Although the lens willfit physically, automatic diaphragm, auto-focusing, or any otherfunctions will not operate correctly while using this adapter.Because of this "stop-down mode" will need to be usedwhen metering since the lens does not have the ability to have itsaperture controlled by the camera body. You can shoot with manualmode or aperture priority mode. Infinity focusing isguaranteed.

*Note - DXlenses for smaller sensor cameras will not work as the image circlefrom these lenses will not cover the sensor fully on Sony E-Mountcameras.

All Sony Alpha NEX E-mount Camera Bodies, Including:
Sony NEX-3, NEX-5, NEX-C3, NEX-5N, NEX-7, NEX-F3, NEX-5R, NEX-5T,NEX-6, a5100, a5000, a6000
Sony NEX-VG10, NEX-VG20, NEX-VG30, NEX-VG900, NEX-FS100,NEX-FS700, NEX-EA50, QX1

Note - Full frame cameras such as the Sonyα7, α7r, α7s will physically fit, however thelens image circle is not large enough to fully cover the sensor dueto the focal reducing changes from the adapter optics resulting invignetting.

Adapter TypeExcell+1 - Nikon G (FX) Lenses* to Sony E-MountCamera Systems
Infinity FocusYes
F-Stop Gain1-Stop*
Crop Factor Gain0.72x
Aperture ControlYes via Adapter
Material of ConstructionBrass with Stainless Steel Finishing
TTL flash meteringYes
ManufactureFotodiox Inc.

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