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3000 Series Expert Drums


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Product Summary:

The 3000 series Expert Drums are designed to process sheet filmwith the highest quality possible. (Please read that sentenceagain, it's the most important sentence on this page). Itdoesn't matter what system of development you'recontemplating; hand processing, rotary processing, hangerprocessing, or any other method -- using the Expert Drums willyield beautifully even edge-to-edge development.

Key Features

Utterly random

It normally isn't a good idea for a company who sellsphotographic equipment to declare that their stuff providesrandom processing. After all, we all wantconsistency while developing our film. The reason we state thatprocessing with the Expert Drums is "utterly random" isbecause the unique design of the drums dares the chemistry to tryto develop a pattern. It can't! What this means is youwon't get streaks or spots, and the density will be completelyuniform.

How can I start using the Expert Drums!?

The Expert Drums fit on the JOBO CPA-2, CPP-2, and ATL-2x00(they don't fit on the CPE-2 or ATL-1000/1500). (Oneinteresting point about the Expert Drums: We hear time and timeagain that people purchase a processor to get to use the ExpertDrums. We understand that's like saying people buy a luxury carbecause the like the tires that fit it. But it's true!)

Technical Specifications/Capacities:



Special Features


8.5x12" Expert Drum, 4 sheets

All Expert Drums are speed-loading


8x10" Expert Drum, 5 Sheets

Also processes 5x7" sheet film


5x7" Expert Drum, 6 Sheet

Also processes 4x5" sheet film


4x5" Expert Drum, 10 sheets

Easily the most popular


Foot Pump

Needed accessory to open the tanks after processing.


Sponge Rod

Used for drying the #3006 and #3010 Expert Drums. (Included withdrum).


Sponge Rod

Used for drying the #3004 and #3005 Expert Drums. (Included withdrum).

Expert Sheet Film Drums

Drum #

Film and Print Capacities

Min/Max Chem Vol


4 - 8œx11", 8x10", 5x7"

270ml - 648ml


5 - 8x10", 5x7"

270ml - 630ml


6 - 4x5", 5x7"

210ml - 342ml


10 - 4x5"

210ml - 330ml

Other 3000 Series Pictures

#3360 Foot Pump. Allows you to easily remove the drum lids afterprocessing.