ADOX Fine Print Vario Classic FB Baryt

ADOX Fine Print Vario Classic FB Baryt

ADOX Fine Print Vario Classic FB Baryt

ADOX Fine Print®
Vario Classic® FB
Neutral black, variable contrast fibre based paper on 300gsupport.
glossy or matt.

Neutral tone fibre based paper with deep blacks and excellentgreyscales.
This paper is coated on the last remaining coating alley which wasbuilt especially for coating fibre based papers in the 1950ies. Ituses the vertical coating dunk-process and runs much slower thanmodern horizontal speed-coating machines. Thus our paper can reallysoak up with emulsion making it extremely silver rhich. This alsoleads to the necessity to develop it at least 2-3 minutes in orderto achieve full dmax and greyscales. The developer and fixer arealso faster exhausted, please recalculate their capacity.
The paper´s emulsion is free of additional opticalbrighteners or incorporated developing substances thus making itsuitable for alternative printing, two dish development and otherprocesses. No fade out of optical brighteners over longer exposureto light.
ISO paper speed: 100 without filters
Multigrade Filters: Ilford standard
Safelight: dark red only
Thispaper is very sensitive to safelight fogging. Please make a foggingtest bevore use.

Spektrale response: 380 - 580 nm with Peak at 540 nm.

Please use dark red safelights only !


Wavelength: nm

Made in sizes from 13x18 / 5x7 up to rolls of 1,08 cm width.

Multigrade Filtration Chart for Durst Enlargers: