JOBO 2500 Tank System

JOBO 2500 Tank System

JOBO 2500 Tank System

2500 Tank System


2500 Series Tanks

JOBO System Tanks 2500

Inversion Tanksystem 2500
This system is built for professional use and consists of two tanks2540 and 2520 and two types of reels for 35mm, 120 films andsheetfilm up to 4x5".

The Mulittank 2520 can be used for inversion and rotationagitation in combination with JOBO Roller item no. 1509, formanual agitation at roomtemperature.

All tanks are made of break resistant plastic. For quick handlingthe lid is fastend to the tank base with a push-down sealingring.

Each lid is equipped with a membrane-cap. The membrane ispressed down before pushing the cap on the tanklid, and it willspring up when during developing airpressure builts up in the tank,which would push-off the cap or cause the sealing to leak.

The lighttight labyrinthsystem of the lid allows fast fillingand pouring-out of solutions.

The reel 2502 is adustable for 35mm and 120 films.
Loading the reel is done by sliding the film into the reel fromoutside. A unique resess in the upper and lower reel allows to gripthe film-edges and easily push-pull it to the centre core of thereel.

All reels come with a red film separating-clip, which allowsto securely process up to two films 120 in one reel. After loadingone film, the clip is pressed back in position and seperates thesecond film from sliding over the first one during loading andprocessing.

In case only 1 film 120 shall be processed with rotary agitation,workind solution can be reduced down to 170 ml. The film in thatcase is only advanced in the reel to the film separation clip indown pressed position.

The sheetfilm reel 2509n is adjustable for 6x9cm, 9x12cm and4x5" films.


The reels are loaded with film in complete darkness, put on thecentre core and light tight sealed in the tank with the lid. Fastfilling and pouring the solutions through the centre of the lid,which is than sealed with a red membrane-cap.
For inversion agitation

The tank can also be set on JOBO Roller item no. 1509 formanual rotary agitation at roomtemperature. That will reduce therequired amount of working solution a lot.

Washing time can be securely reduced down to 5 min. by usingforcewasher JOBO Cascade item no 3350.

Multitank 1

Item no. 2540

Inversion tank for processing of one film 35mm
Smallest tank of system 2500. This tank can not be used incombination with JOBO Roller for rotation agitation.

It takes one reel item no 2502

Minimum filling amount
For inversion agitation 775 ml

Comes with no reel


Multitank 2

Item no 2520

Inversion tank for
1 or two fims 35mm or
1 or two films 120 or up to
6 sheetfilms 6x9 cm or up to
6 sheetfilms 9x12 cm or up to
6 sheetfilms 4x5".

Can also be used for rotation agitation on JOBO Roller item no1509

Minimum filling amount:

For Inversion agitation

for rotation agitation

1 Film 35mm
775 ml

mit Spirale 2502
270 ml

2 Filme 35mm
1.275 ml

mit Spirale 2502
270 ml

1 Film R 120
1.275 ml

mit Spirale 2502
170 ml

2 Filme R 120
1.275 ml

mit Spirale 2502
270 ml

6 Planfilme 6x9
900 ml

mit Planfilmspirale 2509n
270 ml

6 Planfilme 9x12
1.200 ml

mit Planfilmspirale 2509n
270 ml

6 Planfilme 4x5"
1.500 ml

mit Planfilmspirale 2509n
270 ml

Comes with no reel


Film reel Duo-Set

Item no 2502

For processing of 1 film 35mm or 2 films 120
The adjustable reel is loaded with film by sliding it in fromoutside. The red film separating clip allows to load the reel with2 rollfilms and prevents them from slipping over each other. Thecrack resistant reel will hold for professional use.


Sheetfilm reel UNI

Item no. 2509n

For processing sheetfilms in Multitank 2520

The sheetfilm reel is adustable for 6 sheets 6x9cm, 9x12 cm and4x5" each. The films are inserted w/o loader and secured inposistion with holders.

Comes with
2 reel halfs
2 holders for 9x12 cm and 4x4"



Special Features


One-Reel Film Tank

Includes the cog gear needed to make it workwith a JOBO rotary processor.


Two-Reel Film Tank

Includes cog gear. Also available with magnetdrive under #2521.


Five-Reel Film Tank

Includes cog gear. Also available with magnetdrive under #2551.


Six-Reel Extension Module

Add this module to the #2513, #2523, or #2563tanks to increase the per run capacity.


Six-Reel Film Tank

Includes cog gear. Also available with magnetdrive under #2561.


Adjustable Film Reel (35mm/120/220)

The #2502 reel has a clip that separates two120 films from each other.


4x5" Sheet Film Reel

Holds up to 6 sheets of 4x5" film


4x5" Loader Base

Used with #2512 (the reason they're notincluded together is there are other guide sizes available).


4x5" Loader Guide

Used with #2508


APS Reel

Used to develop the new APS format film.


Sheet Film Kit, One-Reel

Includes #2521 and #2509N


Sheet Film Kit, Two-Reel

Includes #2551 and 2x #2509N


2500 System - FilmQuantity / Chemical Volume Chart

Tank Number


1x 120

2x 120





1 / 170ml






2523 or 2521*

2 / 270ml

1 / 170ml

2 / 270ml

1 / 270ml

1 / 330ml

6 / 270ml

2553 or 2551*

5 / 640ml

3 / 330ml

6 / 640ml

3 / 640ml

2 / 730ml

12 / 560ml

2560 (module)

6 / 850ml

4 / 400ml

8 / 850ml

4 / 850ml

3 / 1000ml

12 / 730ml

2563 or 2561*

6 / 850ml

4 / 400ml

8 / 850ml

4 / 850ml

3 / 1000ml

12 / 730ml


8 / 1250ml

5 / 620ml

10 / 1250ml

5 / 1250ml


18 / 1000ml


12 / 1500ml


14 / 1500ml

7 / 1500ml


24 / 1250ml

* Note: A #1505 Cog Gear is installed on alltanks beginning or ending with the number 3. A #1504 Magnet isinstalled on any tank ending with the number 1.


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JOBO Multi Tank 1

Product no.: J2513

64.90 / Byte *
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JOBO Multi Tank 2

Product no.: J2520

84.90 / Byte *
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JOBO Multi Tank 5

Product no.: J2550

149.90 / *
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JOBO Multi Tank 6

Product no.: J2563

159.90 / *
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JOBO Tank Modul 2560/2870

Product no.: J2560

59.90 / *
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JOBO Sheetfilm-Set Uni 2509n

Product no.: J2509n

55.90 / Byte *
In stock

JOBO Guide 9 x 12 cm

Product no.: J2511

39.90 / *
In stock

JOBO Guide 4x5"

Product no.: J2512

59.90 / *
In stock

JOBO Tankgehäuse Multitank 6 (2561/63)

Product no.: J02021

99.95 / Byte *
In stock

Jobo Zahnkranzdeckel für Tank-System 2500

Product no.: J2503

42.90 / *
In stock

Rollenbock mit Trägern und Rollen

Product no.: J95183

49.90 / *
In stock

JOBO Duo Set 2502

Product no.: J2502

49.90 / *
In stock

JOBO Planfilmset Uni Doppelkit

Product no.: J2509n[1]

99.00 / Byte *
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JOBO 2512 Planfilmschablone 10,2x12,7cm (4x5") 2 Stück

Product no.: B1010932

29.90 / *
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