Fotodiox SMC UV-slim Filter E-62

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UV (Hazel) filters are wise investments. Theyhelp protect your camera from dust, moisture and scratches. Ifdesired, they may be left on the lens at all times for protection.UV filters provide additional benefits of correction forUltraviolet (UV) light, which can register on film and videotape asa bluish cast and can obscure distant details. Ultraviolet filtersallow you to correct for the UV effect to varying degrees. The lensis Super Multi-Coatedto minimize reflection at the filters surface; therefore, reducingflare and ghosting.

The UV-Haze filter is helpful whenphotographing mountain and marine scenes, where increased hazethreatens to make your photographs indistinct in color andclarity.


UV (0) SMC Optical Filter

Material Construction

Optical glass and Anodized Aluminum Metal


Matte Black

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