Fotodiox Pro 6.6x8.5" Dichte 0,6 Hard Edge Filter

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FotodioxPro 6.6x8.5" filters are the strongest in the industry at 4mmthick. Fotodiox 6.6x8.5" filters are practically unbreakableand are guaranteed spectrally neutral to within + or - 3 in the aand b channels of the lab color space. Fotodiox Pro filters arealso guaranteed to be within + or - 2 in regards to total lighttransmission. Fotodiox currently offers 6.6x8.5" in 4 GraduatedNeutral Density (ND) filters: .6 Soft Edge, .6 Hard Edge, .9 SoftEdge and .9 Hard Edge. This filter is made by Fotodiox Prospecifically for the WonderPana 66 Systems.


  • Premium Grade Optical GlassFilter (The filter is made of CR-39 optical plastic resin)
  • High Quality, Super Thick,Multi-Coated Graduated ND8 Filter
  • Premium Grade Filter

DescriptionMulti Coated - Graduated Neutral Density .9 Soft EdgeFilter (Grad-ND8, 3-Stop)
Includes6.6x8.5"Grad ND 0,6 hard Edge Filter with Carrying Pouch
Dimensions168mmx 203mm x 4mm
ConstrustionPremiumGrade Anodized Aluminum & Optic Grade, Organic Glass

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