Fotodiox Pro 130 Holder Only for 130mm Filters and Cokin X-Pro (XL)

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The 130mm filter holder fromFotodiox specifically designed for filters 130mm in size (such asthe Cokin X-Pro / XL Sized filters) and designed for medium formatcameras as well as wide-angle focal lengths below 20mm (in the 35mmformat). To prevent the risk of vignetting (dark edges around thepicture), the 130mm filter holder is fully reversible, which meansthat a filter can fit in the adaptor ring's slot and theadaptor ring can be fit in the first filter slot. Therefore thefilter can be positioned very close to the lens and the edges ofthe holder are no longer an obstacle in the field of view. The130mm filter holder will fit a large variety of lenses thanks to arange of Fotodioxstep-up rings covering the popular diameters of49mm up to 82mm. The entire 130mm system is ideal to work with thenewest generation of Digital SLR and Video cameras.


  • Designed for Full Frame, MediumFormat or expert DSLR cameras; also well adapted for Broadcastcameras.
  • The large holder reduces therisk of vignetting when shooting with super wide-angle lenses andcan be reversed to reduce vignetting and to avoid unwanted glarebetween the filter and the lens.
  • X-Pro Series system is compactand very easy to carry thanks to its lightweight. Even with severalfilters mounted at the same time, it doesn't strain the motorof autofocus lenses.

DescritpionFotodiox Pro 130mmFilter Holder for Cokin X-Pro & XL-Series Filters
MaterialHigh Impact Plastic
Holder Size23mm x 150mm x155mm
ManufactureFotodiox Inc.

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