Fotodiox Lens Adapter Astro Edition – Compatible with T-Mount (T / T-2) Screw Mount Telescopes to Fujifilm G-Mount Digital Cameras for Astronomy


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Fotodiox Lens Adapter Astro Edition – Compatible
with T-Mount (T / T-2) Screw Mount Telescopes to Fujifilm G-Mount
Digital Cameras for Astronomy

Fujifilm G-Mount (GFX) Mirrorless Camera Compatibility List for All Adapter Types

Fujifilm G-Mount Mirrorless Cameras – Popular models include:

  • • Fujifilm GFX 50S, GFX 50R, GFX 100, GFX 100S
  • Product Highlights:

    Designed with Astro Photographers in Mind

    Whether you’re shooting digitally or on film, Fotodiox offers the
    world’s largest selection of lens adapters. Mix camera/lens platforms or
    reinvigorate vintage glass; Fotodiox has hundreds of ways to mount
    lenses onto your DSLR or SLR camera. Our adapters deliver infinity
    focus, manual aperture control, and a sturdy build for lasting quality.

    Astro Edition adapters are designed specifically with Astro
    Photographers in mind and includes an extension tube for focusing with
    some telescopes which may have problems adjusting focus far enough out.
    The extension tube is removable revealing a standard T-Mount adapter for
    telescopes that focus close enough to the mirror or have a Barlow lens
    installed, or if you want to use T-Mount lenses and accessories as well
    during the daytime.

    Versatile, Dependable, Adaptable

    Putting old lenses onto hew, high-performance DSLR or mirrorless
    cameras seems counter-intuitive so why would anyone want to? The simple
    answer is that many older lenses can capture images that have that
    elusive quality known as character. For photographers or videographers
    who want to create unique images that express their personal style,
    character can be even more important than resolution numbers,
    corner-to-corner sharpness, and other advantages of the near perfect
    lenses that are quite common today.

    The imperfections and aberrations of older lenses are the very
    strengths that set them apart from modern lenses. Additionally, a fully
    mechanical lens is likely repairable longer and less expensively than
    modern focus-by-wire lenses. Old lenses also let you change camera
    systems, or your mount can get retired and your lenses won’t be bricked.
    At the extreme case, some mirrorless lenses require firmware updates
    for every new body, so even if the mount stays around lenses won’t stay
    on that update list forever (for instance Nikon’s new E lenses are
    incompatible with cameras just two generations old).

    Precise & Solid Connection; No Play Fit

    Fotodiox employs Professional Photographers in every aspect of
    development and design to create products that are built to last. The
    Pro line of adapters is crafted to withstand the rigors and demands of
    the professional photographer. Our adapters are manufactured with
    precise tolerances, providing a solid, gap free, no wiggle connection
    for stress free use. No adjustments needed! Fotodiox adapters are meant
    to be taken off and put back on your camera as much as needed while
    remaining as precise as the day you bought them.

    All-Metal Construction; Secure & Solid Fit

    Fotodiox Pro adapters feature all-metal, no plastic construction to
    create a secure connection between your glass and camera that will not
    degrade over time, keeping the lens-camera connection secure with every
    use. We use chrome plated brass mounts for enhanced durability and
    reliability. All Fotodiox products are backed by our 24-month Fotodiox
    Manufacturer Warranty.

  • Designed with Astro Photographers in Mind, Extension Tube Included for Telescopes
  • Versatile, Dependable, Adaptable – Add Style & Character to your Image
  • Precise Fit and Solid Connection; Lens Has No Play, Gap or Wiggling When Mounted on Adapter and No Adjustments Required
  • Precision All-Metal Construction with Chrome Plated Brass Mounts for Secure and Solid Fit
  • Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • • This is a manual adapter, so lens functions that rely on electronic communication with the camera body (autofocus, AE metering, image stabilization, etc.) will be disrupted.
  • • Some cameras need to be set a certain way to work with our adapters or you may get a message such as ‘Error Lens Not Attached – Check lens’. Please check the support articles on the Fotodiox Knowledge Base for possible solutions on a variety of camera brands.
  • ‘Focus-By-Wire’ lenses (such as Canon’s STM or Nikons AF-P) requires power to engage the manual focus rings on the lens, since manual lens mount adapters do not power the lens, those lenses will not be able to focus.
  • • Set your exposure manually or meter using your camera’s Aperture Priority (stop-down) mode.
  • • If your lens does not have a manual aperture control ring, the lens aperture will revert to its default position, which depending on the lens is either stopped down to its largest f-stop or opened up to its smallest f-stop.
  • • To determine what the new ‘Crop Factor’ or ‘Equivalent Focal Length’ of the lens when used on your camera will be, please check the Fotodiox Knowledge Base article.
  • All pictures are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary slightly due to ongoing improvements in design.

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