Fotodiox Pro Tough E-Mount LT, Light Tight Replacement Mount for Sony NEX & E-Mount Cameras Signature Edition


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Fotodiox Pro TOUGH E-Mount – Silver – Light Tight Replacement Lens Mount for Sony E-mount Cameras

Sony’s line of E-Mount cameras are amazingly powerful little cameras, but they have two flaws. The lens mount is a two part construction, with the critical component that holds the lens in place made of plastic. This is why any lens you attach to an E mount camera is prone to wiggling, especially longer pro lenses. Many of the E-Mount cameras also leak light around the mount itself!

Fotodiox built the new TOUGH E-Mount LT in direct response to customers’ requests for a solution that would eliminate the light leaks common among E-mounts, and still share the easy installation process of the original. ‘The TOUGH E-Mount LT’ modification kit. The LT version incorporates extra flanges in the adapter that reduce the camera’s light leaks to almost nil. In only 5 minutes, you can replace your camera’s two-piece NEX mount with the LT’s one-piece, all-metal mount (leaving your glass better protected and your images glare-free) and benefit from the LT’s extra flanges, which completely eliminate the E-mount’s problematic light leaks. All you need is a jewelers screwdriver (phillips) to remove and replace four little screws. We’ve created a video to show you how easy it is:

Once you have installed The TOUGH E-Mount LT, you can mount all E-Mount lenses and practically any sized pro lens on your Sony E-mount camera using one our full line of E-Mount lens adapters. With the powerful combination of our TOUGH E-Mount modification and our lens adapters, you can be confident of a solid and professional fit.

Compatible Cameras
All Sony Alpha NEX E-Mount Camera Bodies, Including:
Sony Alpha α7, α7r, α3000, α5000, α6000, α3500, α5100
Sony NEX-3, NEX-5, NEX-C3, NEX-5N, NEX-7, NEX-F3, NEX-5R, NEX-6, NEX-3N, NEX-5T
Note: The Sony α7s and many of the pro E-Mount video cameras already have an all metal mount and do not benefit from this modification.

Description The TOUGH E-Mount LT from Fotodiox Pro
Infinity Focus Retained
Material of Construction Chromed Brass
Manufacturer Fotodiox, Inc.
Warranty 24 Months

Fotodiox is not responsible for incorrectly installed mounts. Check to make sure the mount is installed correctly and the lens release pin fully works before mounting any lenses!

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