Studio Solutions Boom Sun Scrim 75x75cm (29,5×29,5″)


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Pro Studio Solutions Boom Sun Scrim – Collapsible Frame Diffusion & Silver/White Reflector Kit with Boom Handle and Carry Bag

  • • Hinged Aluminum Frame
  • • 2-Stop Diffusion Panel
  • • Silver/White Reflective Panel
  • • Handheld Boom Arm
  • • Stand/Boom Frame Clip
  • • Nylon Carrying Case
  • Product Highlights:

    When you take your shoot on location, you’re at the mercy of the harsh and ever changing sun. The Pro Studio Solutions Sun Scrim is here to diffuse that light over a larger area than you thought possible. Collapsible and portable, the Sun Scrim with boom handle is available in four sizes. It only takes a few minutes for the Sun Scrim to be camera ready, and can easily be transported and set up by one person.

    On location the Sun Scrim is big enough to soften the light on your talent and a large scene. In your studio, use the Sun scrim to soften one light source, or combine multiple lights into one large soft light.

    The sun scrim easily converts into a silver or white reflector with the included fabric panel. Use it hand held, or clamp it onto a stand. Suspend it above your scene for the perfect soft light for product and studio shots.

    The complete kit includes the collapsible frame with integrated mounting brackets, 2-stop diffusion panel, silver/white reflector panel, and expandable boom handle, plus it all fits neatly into the included soft carrying case.

  • • Can be used as Diffusion or Reflector with Included Translucent & S/W Reflective Fabric
  • • Collapsible aluminum frame, light weight despite its size
  • • The folding frame easily assembles in seconds
  • • Use as a hand-held overhead 2-stop diffuser
  • Material Industrial Grade Aluminum Frame
    White Translucent & Silver Reflective Fabric
    Manufacturer Fotodiox Inc.
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