Fotodiox WonderPana Go Violet-Purple Unterwasserfilter


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Fotodiox WonderPana Go Violet-Purple Unterwasserfilter

This filter from Fotodiox is specially made for the GoTough WonderPana Go Filter Adapter System from Fotodiox Pro. At depths below 10-15 feet, certain colors become washed out by the filtering effect of water, the deeper you dive the more of the warm red spectrum is filtered out from the ambient light. You can however, emphasize the existing warm colors by filtering out the green spectrum with this filter. The Fotodiox underwater filter restores the underwater hues by „neutralizing“ the different and dominant false masking colors as light passes through the water. The filter can be installed and removed during the course of the dive. It is used to restore the warm color absorbed by green water and allows for producing vivid and colorful underwater images and videos.

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